About Us

Adventures Spark.... Curiosity!

Little people are full of curiosity for life’s big adventures. And adventures take on many exciting varieties - creative adventures, active adventures, outdoor, holiday, beach and competitive adventures. Adventures happen in the garden, on the beach, in the outback or running through a glorious fresh rain-forest. For children adventures are the excitement of life.

Curiosity’s inspiration came from watching distinctive and creative little people enjoy life. Our uniqueness comes from fusing together creativity and individuality with an added high-tech UV protection. Our vision is to make gorgeous, contemporary, good quality products with the added bonus of protecting our little people from the sun’s harmful rays.

We our proud to introduce Curiosity’s first girl’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection ‘Bohemian Safari’.  Inspired by the flowers of gypsies and the adventure of safari this 27-piece range is both playful and cute at the same time.  Think hippy chic mixed with military and a dash of urban safari; add little details and you have garments with personality.

Not out doing the ‘Bohemian Safari’ collection comes the boy’s ‘Rebellious Safari’ collection. Pop Rock band inspiration an added dash of saving our earth mixed with military urban safari this 31 piece range is smart, grungy and completely cool.

To Curiosity life is about adventure, loving our earth and protecting our children through design fabric innovation is our ambition. For more information, please contact us.